Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Studio Bar: Jan 2014 Press Release

An event venue known as 'The Studio' is an example of entrepreneurship at work in 21st century Singapore. The venue is headed by Angelina Pradana, a female entrepreneur in her 20's, whose parents are also entrepreneurs. Ms. Pradana's event venue has recently been recognized as one of the most unique event locations in Singapore by Cosmopolitan magazine, The Straits Times, Lifestyle Asia, 8 Days, and by a variety of regional bloggers. 

The company specializes in providing a tasteful and convenient destination in Singapore for corporate functions, networking events, workshops and seminars, private parties, conferences, product launches, meetings, weddings, themed birthday parties, and other types of events.

Most recently, a new condo development has spent time enjoying the fruits of their labours at The Studio.

Ms. Pradana's move to position The Studio for these groups is part of a larger strategic initiative, designed to cater to Singapore's entrepreneurs and manufacturers who are expanding at a greater rate than in other regions. 

According to a recent study by managing director of Greenwich SEO, Dylan D. Potter, who remarked, "Singapore's business environment is extraordinarily friendly to startups and entrepreneurs; for this reason, we found that western businesses are choosing instead to set up operations in Singapore rather than Europe or North America."

In order to reach out to and support Singapore's entrepreneurs, Pradana has invested heavily in audio/visual equipment to facilitate functions that cater to businesses in the region who need a place, off-site to host:

  • product demonstrations
  • brainstorming sessions
  • product launches
  • strategy sessions 
The Studio makes itself available to the business community so that leaders and managers can gather their departments in a comfortable setting, off-site, and discuss their plans and objectives over food and drinks.

In order to remain the leading event venue in Singapore, The Studio Bar, has announced the expansion of their operations to now serve as an event destination for entrepreneurs and manufacturers within Singapore's business community. To promote their growth into these two new business channels, owner and operator, Angelina Pradana, is extending 30% discounts for wine and spirits for all parties who book The Studio Bar for a private gathering between 1 January and 30 June 2014. A minimum spend of $1000 is required, and additional terms and conditions apply. Corporate and private parties in Singapore are urged to contact The Studio Bar to learn more.

The Studio is conveniently located between Bugis and Lavender MRT stations, and can also provide valet parking for private events. It is situated in an iconic shophouse at 778 North Bridge Road, which has been restored inside to reflect 21st century design tastes. 

The Studio Bar also functions as one of Singapore's trendiest bars. Known for its popular liquid buffet every Friday, which is open to the general public, the venue can hold up to 80 guests, and is perfect for seated groups of around 40 people.

To enquire and learn more about hosting a corporate event at The Studio Bar, contact Angelina Pradana at +65 6396 6345, or visit their website at http://thestudiobar.sg

Contact info:
Studio Bar Event Venue address:
778 North Bridge Rd
Singapore, Singapore 198746
Email: events@thestudiobar.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestudiococktailbar

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Private party in Singapore: The Studio event venue

If your company in Singapore looking for an event venue, private party, or place to host your company function, then The Studio at 778 North Bridge Rd is the perfect place.

Equipped with an amazing bar that is run by expert bartenders, the corporate event venue near Bugis MRT also has a menu that caters to every taste. Located in a quaint shophouse that has been renovated to reflect chic 21st century style, The Studio is home to one of the hottest private party locations in Singapore, and has been featured in the Straits Times as well as across the blogosphere.

To find out more about hosting your corporate event, product launch party, networking night, get in touch with the team at The Studio Bar at Tel: (65)6396-6345
Email: events@thestudiobar.sg

Likewise, have a look at their website: http://thestudiobar.sg
Become a fan of their Facebook page, where you can see more photos of the location on North Bridge Road. https://www.facebook.com/thestudiococktailbar

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tips For Planning A Corporate Event in Singapore

Best Event venue in Singapore

Looking to make your next corporate event an unforgettable one? As good as your last event might have been, remember that there’s almost always room for improvement.

Tips For Planning A Corporate Event in Singapore

Your next corporate event needs to go off without a hitch. Here are 3 tips for planning a corporate event that anyone can utilize. It’s easier than you might think, to have an event that people are going to be talking about positively for weeks to come:

1. Try the outdoors. If you’ve never hosted a corporate event before, give some serious consideration to switching things up with an outdoor setting. When the weather is nice, having your corporate event outdoors can do a fantastic job of putting everyone in relaxed settings.

However, these settings won’t be so relaxed, as to make concentrating on the topics of interest for your event impossible. A new setting can infuse a sense of energy and camaraderie amongst you and your peers. If you’ve planned corporate events before, but you’ve never thought about taking them outside, why not change that?

singapore event venue2. Consider a theme event. There’s a time and a place for everything, so keep that thought in mind, and decide whether or not a theme would be a good idea for your next corporate event.

Your theme can conflict the core values and goals of your business, or it can just be something like a wine tasting that lets the people in attendance have a little fun. Whatever the mood of the event is, there is almost certainly a theme that can accommodate it.

3. Try an event that benefits the community. Events that also serve the community in some function have two benefits. It brings together the people who make up your team, department, or company. It also gives something back to the community your company serves. Build unity
amongst your peers at an event that encourages recycling, feeding the hungry, entertaining children, or beautifying a highway. This is an ideal planning method for those who want to think outside the box a little.

Like the owners of Alpine Asia, who recently hired the venue for a corporate party, events like this can help build camaraderie and friendship in the office. Corporate events should emphasize the important aspects of your company. That doesn’t mean you always have to confine everything to a stuffy boardroom. The next time you have to plan a corporate event, if you find yourself with a certain degree of freedom in the planning department, consider some of the alternatives. You’ll definitely find the results to be favorable.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Singapore event venue near Bugis and Arab St

Singapore Event Venues at The Studio

Are you looking for the perfect intimate, friendly atmosphere to host your next corporate event? Here at The Studio Bar, we want to be your next great corporate event venue. Think your corporate event needs to be dry and boring? Think a venue cannot provide what you want and need? Think again! We have you covered as you look for your next great corporate event venue in Singapore.

What We Provide for corporate events in Singapore

We provide everything you need to make your next corporate event just perfect. No matter how high or low the stakes, or what you want, we have. We provide the perfect space for departments, companies, or programs of from around 20-70 people to attend any type of event. The Studio Bar even gladly provides any other kind of services you might need at your corporate event venue. Our friendly staff can help to provide food, drinks, beer, liquor, a sound system, service, catered food, and a perfect space for whatever program you have in mind. Let us know what, exactly you have in mind, and we can even decorate specifically for your event, if you would like.

What other Type of Events Do We Host at The Studio?

The Studio Bar is one of the premiere venues for events, located just five minutes outside the city of Singapore. We can host any type of corporate event that you had in mind, including networking events, workshops, seminars, parties, and more. Apart from smaller corporate events, we also serve as a popular full-service venue for birthday parties, engagement celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more. At every one of these events, all you need to do in order to have a great even is show up and let the good time roll. This will be one of the simplest corporate events you have ever put together, we almost guarantee it.

Why to Choose Us for your next party venue

If you are still not convinced that we offer you something you will not get anywhere else in the city of Singapore, you should check out our social media pages, look at our website to get ideas about what we can do for you. We can provide you with some of the best service in the area. Not only will you be wowed by what we can provide for you, even on a smaller budget, but we also hope that you will tell your friends. We are dedicated to making any event memorable and fun.

Contact us at http://thestudiobar.com for more information.

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Studio Bar, Singapore: Booking A Conference Venue For Your Corporate Event

event venue in singapore
Anybody who has ever had to book a venue for a conference, a meeting, a social gathering or any other event that entails entertaining and managing groups of folks will be aware of just what a activity it is. This is why the Studio Bar exists...to help smart people have a great time in a private venue.

It is not just a query of finding a room for your corporate event venue in Singapore. Even a meeting involving twenty or so people requires some degree of organisation. Amenities for presentations are usually required. Unless you are searching for a random location somewhere outside Singapore's most popular areas and you plan to deliver your talk by bringing your own chalk and blackboard, the probabilities are that some degree of technology will be involved.

Then of course there is the question of what facilities are obtainable for your visitors. From convenience to your office to what is available for them durring the course of their breaks. Will drinks and hot food be provided at the meeting itself? Do you intend to provide alcohol and, if so, is it available at the venue and when will it be served? At the Studio Bar, it is!

And what will be the cost? Are you assured that you are adequately familiar with the place as with the process, to make sure you will get the very best venue? Angelina Pradana, owner and operator of the Studio Bar, has successfully run dozens of corporate events with her team...they have the necessary experience to ensure that your product launch, team building exercise, or party runs smoothly.

catering event venue in Singapore
The Studio can handle all the logistics involved with organising a conference venue involving around 80 people, whether it is a fund-raising occasion or a charity, or an yearly awards dinner, a summit meeting, a religious conference or a celebration or party of some other type.

While the prospect of being the person considered accountable for the success of such a activity is rather daunting, the team at The Studio will help manage the whole operation for you, identifying and securing a suitable venue at the best price available, putting its huge understanding and expertise at your disposal to help you secure the best venue and to reassure you that all the requirements that are specific to your event will be supplied to you. A free consultation without obligation helps make this an avenue well worth exploring.

There is no substitute for professional knowledge in the discipline, and when this is obtainable to you to get the fear and uncertainty out of this kind of a difficult endeavour it is a most logical choice to use.

You can email Angelina Pradana at events@thestudiobar.sg or see their website at http://thestudiobar.sg or call us (65) 63966345.
They are located at
778 North Bridge Road (near Aliwal Street)
Singapore 198746

Update: according to one website, this venue is no longer in operation.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Singapore Event Venue : The Studio Bar

Angelina Pradana: Owner of The Studio, Singapore's chic new event venue
Singapore event venue locations just got better! The Studio Bar is the perfect venue for your next big event. They proudly offer one of the best available party venues Singapore has. 

If you are searching for a new, exciting, and intimate party venue in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Singapore, just take a second to look at all the services they offer, as well as what they can do for you. Read on to learn more about our great space and offerings:

Event venue that does Everything for You

The Studio Bar gladly does everything you need for your big night. They are proud to not only be one of the premiere party locations in Singapore, but they are also the perfect place to host nights to remember, such as:
  • proposal parties
  • engagement parties
  • birthday parties
  • baby showers
  • corporate events
When owner, Angelina Pradana says her team can do everything for the client...she really means it. Her event venue in Singapore includes music, drinks, food, service decorating just for your event, and providing a great place for yourself and your party to simply enjoy the event throughout the night. Then, if you would like, you can simply hail a taxi and take a five minute ride into the city. Here, the party never has to stop!

An Event Venue with an intimate, friendly atmosphere
Unlike other venues, clubs, or bars in the city that may claim to be a great place to host your next event, no one can boast a space quite like ours. The Studio has a full-service bar, bar stools, couches, chairs and tables, and a variety of other spaces where your friends and you can simply talk, listen to music, exchange pleasantries, or just soak up the company and atmosphere. They can provide a sound system for you, and even musical acts, if you would like. With fine touches like these, everyone will remember your event for a long time after if you select us for your venue. Come see why this chic styling and attention to detail has many customers coming back for more.

Singapore event venue details
Angelina and her team would be more than happy to discuss event plans, wants and needs, special packages, and more with each customer. Simply check out their social media presence on Facebook, and their event venue website for more ideas about what they can offer you, and then send a quick email or give them a phone call. Whatever your next event, they want to host it in an absolutely fantastic space. From corporate events to personal parties, they gladly do it all. The Studio Bar is often fond of telling their customers that the only things they need at any party they host is themselves and their group of friends!

You can email them at events@thestudiobar.sg or see their website at http://thestudiobar.sg or call us (65) 63966345.

They are located at

778 North Bridge Road (near Aliwal Street)
Singapore 198746